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2014 November Corn Shredding

Just after Thanksgiving, I was contacted by Galen Neal to let me know that our mutual friend Tim Roush was planning to assist his son-in-law Travis Bogart in setting up and operating Travis' antique corn shredder on Saturday, November 29th on Travis and Angie's farm near Sardinia, Ohio. It sounded like a great way to get out of the house and presented me with an opportunity to get some great photos. Originally, Tim had planned to use his horses to haul the wagon loaded with corn stalks to the shredder, but he had second thoughts once he observed all of the belts and mechanical parts in operation along with the various noises that his horses were not trained for. The trusty Ford tractor was used instead. For those not familiar with this equipment, the machine is a large apparatus that is able to separate dried ear corn from the stalks. The operator stands with a shocking knife in one hand, attached to his wrist with a rope. When the operator grabs a bound shock of corn, he cuts the twine and feeds the corn stalks by hand into the machine, butt end first. Inside, the stalks hit rollers and the corn ears are husked out. The rest of the stalk goes through the machine, where it was chopped into finer particles used for cattle feed or bedding. A gunnysack is attached to a pipe on the end back of the machine to catch any shelled corn knocked loose as the ears pass through the machine. The separated ear corn is moved through a chute into a wagon at one end while the chopped silage is blown out a chute on the other end into another wagon. When I arrived, Tim was feeding the machine and Travis was tending to his antique corn grinder. The day wasn't too cold and during the day, several friends and neighbors stopped by to visit and to help with the operation. At lunchtime, Galen grilled hot dogs while the ladies brought out hot chili for everyone. It was a real family operation with the youngsters taking orders for coffee, etc. and with Angie even taking an opportunity to feed the stalks into the machine.


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2014 November Corn Shredding

2014 November Corn Shredding



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