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2013 Bath County Draft Horse Pull


On Friday July 5, 2013, the Eastern Kentucky Draft Horse and Mule Association held their annual draft horse farm pull at the Lion's Club arena in Owingsville, Kentucky. Unfortunately, this area had been having a series of rainy days leading up to this event. However, the decision was made to hold the event rain or shine since the arena was blessed with wonderful drainage. It was felt that the rain would not affect the sled or the ability of the horses to get good footing. What was affected was the turnout of pullers. Only three teams were present, the team of Mike Downs (event organizer) driven by Mike Atkins, Charles Orme's team, and his son Mike's team. As it turned out, the rain stopped just after the track was prepared and it stayed away for about 90 minutes which was the time necessary to determine a winner. The wet track didn't seem to be having any impact until about 4,500 pounds when the sled suddenly really seemed to start digging in to the surface and got much harder to pull. The final weight was 7,500 which was about 1,500 pounds lower than is normal for this event. As always, everyone that attended seemed to be entertained and had a great time. Unfortunately, the Draft Horse Show scheduled for the next day had to be postponed due to the wet conditions.

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2013 Bath County Horse Pull

2013 Bath County Horse Pull


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