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2013 Bubby's Ride


On Saturday June 29, 2013, none of the local wagon clubs had anything scheduled, so a small group decided to meet at the home of Bubby Waldridge near Lawrenceburg, Kentucky and ride the back roads of Anderson County. Bubby's house is located less than 100 feet from one of the main north/south rail lines that runs through central Kentucky. There was a freight train rumbling past at about 50 MPH every 15 minutes or so. This was a learning experience for some of the mules, although they quickly adjusted to the commotion and settled right down. We left Bubby's house at about 11AM with 4 wagons and one outrider. We rode all afternoon stopping several times to rest and socialize. I left the group to head back to Indiana at about 6PM when some additional riders caught up and joined the group. I'm not sure what time the group finally finished their ride, but with plenty of lubrication provided by some Anderson County "Kool Aid", when I left it didn't appear that anyone was really too concerned with the time.

Another freight train goes rumbling past as we try to harness the teams.

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2013 Bubby's Ride

2013 Bubby's Ride


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