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2013 Burton's Memorial Day Ride


Jeff and Penny Burton invited the members of the Community Draft Horse and Mule Association to come to Mayslick, Kentucky over the 2013 Memorial Day weekend for a wagon ride. The event was staged out of a little used cattle facility that belongs to Jeff's brother. On Friday afternoon before the festivities began, Jeff's dad Harold took your photographer over the the local cemetery to see his own headstone. Harold had paid an engraver to engrave a likeness of a hay cutter and of his favourite horse Rock on it. I've included a photo since Harold was so proud of it. We started the ride on Saturday morning with a disappointingly small group of only 5 wagons and one outrider. We had a fine time riding over the back roads of beautiful Mason County. The day was cool and the skies were covered with a thin layer of clouds which helped keep the temperatures in the low 70's all day. As usual, when we returned to the camp, there was a great meal to enjoy headlined by Jeff's signature beef brisket along with some unexpected visitors. On Sunday morning, we only had three wagons that joined the ride along with two outriders. It was an even nicer day with more sunshine and slightly higher temperatures. We followed a different route than Saturday, but the scenery was still beautiful. We returned to the camp in mid afternoon and Penny quickly reheated some of the food left over from Saturday evening while everyone else got their horses unharnessed and prepared to leave. By the time we were ready to leave for home, they again had a really nice spread of food ready to ensure that none of us would get hungry on the way home. Overall, it was a fun weekend with very comfortable weather and some great company. Too bad that more of the members weren't able to join in the fun.

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2013 Burtons Memorial Day Ride

2013 Burtons Memorial Day Ride


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