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2013 Kentucky Trail Blazers Shelby County Ride


The Shelby County ride of the Kentucky Trail Blazers wagon club started at the Trail Blazers campground south of Shelbyville, Kentucky on Saturday, May 18, 2013. A group of 10 wagons left the camp in the morning and followed a route that took them over several of the back roads of Shelby County, Kentucky. Throughout the entire ride, the skies were overcast with the threat of rain although there was only one short shower near the end of the day. When we returned to the club house at the end of the day, there was a big pot luck dinner with dishes of all kinds along with some wonderful desserts. This was followed by country music played by a local live band. Below are links to photos that start on Friday evening and go through early Sunday morning when everyone packed up to return home. It was a fun event and I think that everyone who attended had a great time!

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2013 Kentucky Trail Blazers Shelby County Ride

2013 Kentucky Trail Blazers Shelby County Ride


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