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2013 Issac and Friends Benefit Ride


On Saturday May 11, 2013 a group of dedicated volunteers hosted a one day ride intended to raise funds to help provide for the needs of Issac (11), Austin(14), Riley(3), and Curtis(4), all handicapped youngsters from the area. The event were held at Bill and Eva Thompson's farm on Hwy 330 in the southwestern corner of Pendleton County. There were 9 wagons and carts that participated along with a large number of outriders. The weather was uncomfortable due to overnight rains and there was a cold breeze and overcast skies. A tractor drawn "hay wagon" with seats for many riders had begun the ride, but returned to the farm after the first rest stop because the riders were too cold. (Most of the mounted riders choose to take a different route than the one followed by the wagons so you will not see many photos of the mounted riders in my photos.) When we returned to the farm about 3:30 PM, we found that a large number of neighbors and friends had shown up to enjoy the food and fun. By late afternoon, the sun finally popped out and improved the atmosphere. A great meal was enjoyed by everyone, followed by an auction of a couple of hundred items that had been donated by both friends and local businesses. In between, there were split-the-pot raffles and there was also a raffle of several door prizes in which your photographer won a really nice black leather UK jacket! The auction and raffles were followed with country music played by a live band. Overall, the event was a great success and raised over $5,000, 100% of which goes to the families.

This is Issac, the youngster after whom the event is named.

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2013 Issac and Friends Benefit Ride

2013 Issac and Friends Benefit Ride


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