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2013 Shelton Morris Spring Ride


Early in the first week of May, it was announced that the wagon ride scheduled for that weekend would have to be cancelled due to a death in the family of the host. As a result, Shelton "Mule Man" Morris invited everyone to bring their rigs down to his place near Mt Sterling in eastern Kentucky on Saturday May 4th for a ride. A total of 5 wagons took to the roads of Montgomery and Menifee Counties to enjoy what turned out to be an ideal day. There were temperatures in the low 70's (F) and a brisk breeze helped keep the animals cool. We stopped a couple of times during the day at some of the Amish farms in the area to do some socializing while the horses and mules took a break. When we returned to Shelton's place at the end of the day, we found that Shelton's wife Brenda and their daughter Kathy had been busy preparing barbequed ribs and a LOT of other food for everyone while we were out riding. After eating a big supper, we went inside and watched the Kentucky Derby horse race on Shelton's giant screen television. It turned out to be a fun day and everything went great even though the event was a last minute replacement. Thanks to our hosts for all of their efforts.

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2013 Shelton's Spring Ride

2013 Shelton's Spring Ride


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