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2012 Richard Cain's Ride


Over the weekend of July 7-8, Richard Cain invited the members of the Community Draft Horse and Mule Association to his farm in Harrison County, east of Cynthiana, Kentucky, for a weekend wagon ride. Unfortunately, the high temperatures over that weekend were up into the area of 100 to 105F and the entire area was under drought conditions.  Your photographer had another event on Saturday and was not able to join the group, but there were only 3 wagons that rode that day.  On Sunday, I arrived around 9 AM and Richard Cain and Homer Rader were harnessing their teams and getting ready to go.  I rode with Homer on his wagon and, along with Richard's buggy, we drove over to eat lunch at an old time store in a small hamlet known locally as Barterville.  The round trip distance was about 20 miles.  On our way back to Richard's farm, we got caught in one of those isolated thunderstorms that sometimes pop up on hot humid days.  No one complained about getting wet, however, as the rain was sorely needed.  Richard did have one close call when a bolt of lightening struck a tree quite close to his team.  Fortunately, we were on a long upgrade and his team didn't spook!  Although it was a hot ride, we had a nice time and really enjoyed the day.           

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2012 Richard Cains Ride

2012 Richard Cains Ride


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