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2012 Eastern Kentucky Draft Horse and Mule Association

Spring Field Day

For the past few years, if eastern Kentucky needed rain, doing a rain dance wasn't necessary.  All that was needed was for the Eastern Kentucky Draft Horse and Mule Association to schedule a field was sure to rain!  Well, the year 2012 was no exception.  Conditions in this part of the country had been beautiful and warm throughout much of March and into April.   Right up until Saturday April 21st when the EKy DHMA had their Spring field day scheduled.  On that day, the rain started very early in the morning on Saturday and light, intermittent showers continued to fall until lunch time.  In fact, the ground was rather dry and some rain was needed, but it would have been better for the club if it had held off just another 24 hours.  As a result of the rain, there were only a few teams of horses hitched up to do any field work on Saturday.  Most of them belonged to Mike Downs, our host and the President of the association.  Also, Shannen Mannies had brought his team of Belgians down from Indiana for the weekend and Homer Rader brought his team of Norwegian Fjords over from Paris, Kentucky so that they could have their first try at plowing.  We even had some visitors from Ohio, although they didn't bring their horses.  Overall, the plowing was not bad.  There was less than 1/4 inch of rain and the dry ground soaked that right up.  Everyone in attendance seemed to have a good time: the air was cool, so the horses didn't have any problems with this early season workout.  Overall, it turned out to be a fun day for all who were there



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Friday - Getting Ready

Friday - Getting Ready

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Saturday - Plowing


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