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Kentucky Trail Blazers August Wagon Ride


The Kentucky Trail Blazers wagon club held their annual end of August wagon ride on August 26-28  near Pleasureville, Ky in conjunction with Yount's Antique Farm Show.  The farm show includes displays of all types of antique farm equipment, much of it steam powered.  In addition, there was a Saturday afternoon and evening tractor pull which drew quite a few spectators to the grounds.  A few members of the club took a brief ride around the area on Friday evening before returning to listen some good old bluegrass music.  The entire group ventured out early Saturday for a more lengthy wagon ride around that area of Henry County.  Upon our return late Saturday afternoon, the club members all contributed dishes for a tasty evening meal.  In addition to photos of the events of the club, I have included photos from the tractor pull, some of the units on display and also from some of the demonstrations that were part of the weekend.  I especially enjoyed running into some old friends whom I haven't seen for quite some time.  I hope you enjoy the photos I've attached.        


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Friday events and ride

Saturday Ride 1 of 2

Saturday Ride 2 of 2

Saturday - Plowing & Tractor Pull

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